PictoPocket App How To

The PictoPocket app is thankfully quite simple to use. Below is a guide to use the PictoPocket app with a PictoPocket frame.

How to Upload a New Photo

  1. Open the PictoPocket app
  2. Press the grey photo button
  3. Locate a photo with the photo browser
  4. (optional) crop the photo by dragging on the photo
  5. (optional) zoom the photo by pinching on the photo with 2 fingers
  6. Press the black upload button (with the arrow)
  7. The app will instruct you to press the button on the frame to wake it up, press the button on the left side of the frame
  8. Within a few seconds the app should show “exposing” as the image is sent and exposed to the frame
  9. You should see the image on the frame
  10. The app will return to the main screen after a successful upload
  11. Repeat the steps above again to upload a new photo

Troubleshooting Guide

I press upload, and press the button on the frame but the image does not show on the frame

  1. Wait 20 sec, try again
  2. Close and reopen the app, try again

3. Wait 20 sec, press the button on the frame while watching for the yellow light to blink. If the yellow light does not blink, it may mean the battery is depleted. The battery should last 1-2 years. If it is shorter than this time, contact us and we will help troubleshoot the issue