My passion is making things that bring people joy.



Lil’ Lite

Since childhood I’ve been taking apart, modifying, and designing electronics.

When I was 4 years old, my parents barricaded the stereo amplifier and tape deck to stop me from turning the knobs and playing with it. Although I wasn’t allowed to mess with every electrical appliance, my dad still nurtured my love of building. He sat me on the garage workbench and let me take out each nut and bolt from his parts organizer. He later bought me my first electronics project kit. Through my childhood, my parents supported my passion of electronics which I am grateful for.

The majority of my life has been spent building electronics and I wouldn’t change that. I etched my first hand-drawn PCB with ferric chloride at age 14 to build an audio amplifier circuit (with plenty of unintentional feedback and hum). At 16 I designed and built LED scoreboards, first for my brother to fuel his mini-hockey obsession, then for a family friend, and then one for a local ice arena.

After that I went to University of Calgary to study Electrical Engineering. Although the math, physics, chemistry of first year was a shock to my system, I stuck it out, and by my last year I was thriving- leading my capstone design team and teaching my teammates how to do schematics and PCB layouts. Today I am working as an Electrical Engineer in San Francisco designing electronics for electric bikes. In my spare time I bike, run, swim, camp, and build projects.