Lil’ Lite

Meet the world’s

funnest bike light 🙂

Choose a pattern to fit your style

And 10 hours run time between charges

It turns itself on and off, magically

And guess what? It’s also open source

Source code and schematics will be published on GitHub once launched. You can make your own custom patterns, features, and make the light cooler and funner for everyone!

Let’s go for a Test Ride!


Battery10 hours run time (red flash mode)
500 mAh lithium polymer
ChargingUSB-C NEW
7 hours charge time (from empty)
Lights6 RGB LEDs
Millions of colors
Independent color for each LED
9.4 lumens (red) to 34 lumens (white)
Ambient light
User InputButton
MountingRubber mounting band
2 sizes included
Dimensions73mm x 24mm x 16.1 mm
Tab 41.6 mm wide

Try Lil’ Lite Beta Today!

We’ve produced a small run of lights. We would love you to try our product. See exactly what you’ll receive as a beta tester.