Lil Lite Guide

Mounting to bike

  • 2 bands are included, select the one sized best for your bike seat post
  • Clip the band to one side of the light
  • Place on the back of the seat post, and wrap the band around, clip the other side of the band to the other side of the light

Turning on

  • Press the button to turn on
  • The display will show the current battery level, then the pattern after several seconds
  • The light will now turn itself on and off automatically
  • After your bike is not moving for ~ 30 sec, the light will power down
  • The next time you go to move the bike and it’s dark out, the light will come on by itself

Checking battery level

  • Press the button when the light is running to view battery level

Changing the pattern

  • Press the button when the light is running, the battery level will show
  • Press again within 2 sec to cycle through patterns, keep pressing to view the next pattern
  • Once you see the pattern you want, wait (don’t press button) and after 3 sec the new pattern will be set


  • When the battery gets low, take the light off your bike seat post
  • Connect a USB-C charging cable to the light
  • The display will show the progress of the charge, it takes ~ 4 hr to fully charge
  • The display will show all lights green fading on and off slowly when it is done

Manually turning off

  • If you need to keep the light from turning on by itself, you can manually turn it off
  • First, make sure the light is on and showing the pattern
  • Then, press and hold the button and wait until the lights turn fully off, then release the button
  • It is now off, see “turning on” on how to turn it back on again manually

Most Importantly- Hacking it!

Head over to the Github repo (this is private now, please shoot me a note here to be added to it). The Github repo has instructions on programming the light.

Have a request for new feature? One that sucks?

I would love to hear ideas for new features, or bugs/ things that are annoying about the light. I am hoping to improve it based on your feedback! Please head to the page below to add your feedback:

Technical issues/ questions?

Shoot me a note here and I will be happy to help!

Video Guide